Self Adhesive Glue Dots

Why SQOTS Glue Dots are Square, Not Round?

Glue dots are not a new product and have been around for several years. We got down to present current market with an upgraded product produced using a method we feel offers better control and outcomes for the completed product. Old-style, flat glue dots were manufactured by dripping hot melt glue on a silicon release backing paper after which rolling them to flatten them up. This kind of method’s final result is a squashed “blob” of adhesive that looks similar to a circle.

We are pleased with that patent pending manufacturing approach which is pertaining to regulated “piping” of glue that manifolds at a monitored pace on the silicon release backing paper. The form plus the breadth of the SQOTS™ glue dots is regulated and calculated by using a process that does not rely on squashing the glue dot flat. We control the length of the straight edge glue dots to form a square. Consequently SQOTS™ Glue dots have perfectly defined breadth along with straight edges.

SQOTS™ is a name given to SQuare dOTS of glue. They are also called a good number of names such as glue dots, sticky dots, super dots, adhesive dots or dots of glue. With its numerous labels, come many various purposes or uses. SQOTS™, in residential life, have a number of applications in the house. SQOTS™ glue dots are a significant tool for crafts and arts designs, handyman projects, around the workplace, as well as in many businesses. They are excellent substitute for glue most of the time and have applications that are beyond what average glue is capable of doing, saving money but also time.

SQOTS Glue Dots in Dispenser BoxSQOTS Glue Dots in TabsSQOTS Glue Dots in Sheet FormSQOTS Tape

Be among our thrilled clients content with the defined edges of the SQOTS™ that enable the glue dots to become in-line very well with the edges of items they are adhering down. SQOTS™ brings about much less rotating movement/freedom of the stuck credit card compared to the aged sort circular glue dots reported by printers who produce and mail out credit cards as compared to the aged style of round glue dots.